Mastering Kahoot! Combos: A Guide to Merging Multiple Kahoot! Quizzes

How to Combine Kahoots.

In the dynamic world of e-learning, Kahoot! has emerged as a frontrunner, offering an interactive platform that educators and trainers have embraced.

The ability to combine multiple Kahoot! quizzes – or “Kahoots” – is a game-changer, allowing for a seamless and comprehensive learning experience.

But why is this feature so crucial, and how can you harness its full potential?

How to Combine Kahoots
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The Importance of Combining Kahoots

Here are some of the importance of combining Kahoots:

  • Strategic Learning: Combining Kahoots aligns with instructional strategies that enhance retention and understanding.
  • Narrative Creation: Merged quizzes can tell a story, making learning more engaging and memorable.
  • Knowledge Building: Sequential Kahoots allow for layering of information, reinforcing previous lessons while introducing new concepts.
  • Cumulative Assessment: Integrated quizzes provide a way to evaluate overall learning, not just isolated facts.
  • Reinforcement: Regular review through combined Kahoots helps solidify knowledge and skills.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various educational settings, from schools to corporate training environments.
  • Customization: Educators can tailor combined Kahoots to meet specific curriculum goals or training objectives.
  • Efficiency: Saves time by covering more material in a single session, reducing the need for multiple separate quizzes.
  • Motivation: The variety and complexity of combined Kahoots can increase student engagement and motivation to learn.
  • Feedback Opportunity: Offers immediate feedback to learners, allowing for quick correction and understanding of mistakes.
  • Adaptability: Can be adjusted for different learning paces, ensuring all students can follow along and benefit.
  • Collaboration: Encourages teamwork as students can work together on combined quizzes, promoting social learning.

By thoughtfully combining Kahoots, educators can create a more dynamic and effective learning experience that not only educates but also excites learners.

How to Combine Kahoots


Advanced Tips

  • Question Bank Feature: While editing a combined Kahoot, utilize the question bank feature to quickly add questions from other quizzes.
  • Course Assignments: Assign a series of combined Kahoots to a course, allowing participants to play multiple games in succession without the need to rejoin after each game.



What are Some Creative ways to Combine Kahoots?

Combining Kahoots can be a fun and creative way to enhance learning and engagement. Here are some innovative ideas for merging multiple Kahoots:

  • Thematic Series: Create a series of Kahoots around a central theme. For example, if you’re teaching history, you could have a series on different periods or significant events, allowing students to build their knowledge as they progress through the series.
  • Storytelling Kahoots: Turn a narrative or a story into a series of quizzes. Each Kahoot can represent a chapter, with questions that test comprehension and recall as the story unfolds.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Start with basic concepts in the first Kahoot and gradually increase the difficulty level with each subsequent quiz. This can help reinforce learning and ensure a solid understanding of the subject matter.
  • Cross-Curricular Kahoots: Combine quizzes from different subjects that have overlapping themes or concepts. For example, a science Kahoot on plant biology can be combined with a geography Kahoot on ecosystems.
How to Combine Kahoots
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  • Role-Play Kahoots: Assign roles to students (e.g., different historical figures, elements of the periodic table, or characters from a book) and create Kahoots that allow them to answer from their assigned perspective.
  • Kahoot Jigsaw: Divide a topic into several parts and create a Kahoot for each. After students complete their individual Kahoots, they come together to share their knowledge and complete a final, comprehensive Kahoot.
  • Mystery Kahoots: Create a mystery that students have to solve by answering questions correctly. Each Kahoot brings them closer to solving the overall puzzle.
  • Kahoot Tournament: Host a tournament where students compete in different Kahoots, with the winners advancing to the next round until a Kahoot champion is crowned.


The ability to combine Kahoots is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any educator or trainer.

It fosters a more engaging and effective learning environment by allowing for the creation of comprehensive quizzes that can span entire courses or training modules.

Embrace this feature and watch as participation and learning outcomes soar to new heights.

Remember, the key to successful Kahoot! combos lies in strategic selection and seamless integration.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to becoming a Kahoot! combo master, ready to captivate and educate with every quiz you create.



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