Elevating Your Kahoot! Sessions: A Guide to Changing Player Limits for Enhanced Interaction

In the realm of education and corporate training, Kahoot! stands out as a beacon of interactive learning.

Its game-based approach has transformed the traditional learning environment, making it dynamic, engaging, and inclusive.

The platform’s ability to accommodate a wide range of participants makes it a versatile tool for educators and trainers alike.

However, the default player limits can be a constraint for those looking to scale their sessions.

This comprehensive guide explores the significance of Kahoot!’s player limits and provides actionable insights on how to change them to enhance your interactive sessions.

Player Limits in Kahoot
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Understanding Kahoot! Player Limits

Kahoot! categorizes its accounts based on the user’s role—personal, educational, or business—with each category offering different player limits.

For instance, personal accounts start with a limit of 10 players, which can be increased to 50 with a premium subscription.

Educational accounts benefit from higher limits to accommodate larger classes, while business accounts are designed for expansive team engagements.

Significance of player limit in kahoot


Expanding Your Kahoot! Horizons

To accommodate larger groups, Kahoot! provides a variety of subscription plans designed to meet the diverse needs of its users.

These plans are structured to offer increased player limits, allowing for more participants in a single interactive session.

Here’s a detailed look at how upgrading your account can expand your Kahoot! experience:

Kahoot! Subscription Plans: A Closer Look

Kahoot! has structured its subscription plans to cater to different user groups, including personal users, educators, and corporate trainers.

Each plan comes with its own set of features and player limits, ensuring that users can select the option that best fits their requirements. An Example of a Kahoot! plan is the Kahoot! EDU Pro School & District plan

Kahoot! EDU Pro School & District Plan

The Kahoot! EDU Pro School & District plan is specifically designed for educational institutions that need to host large groups of participants.

This plan is ideal for schools and districts looking to implement Kahoot! across multiple classrooms or even entire campuses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased Player Limit: With the EDU Pro School & District plan, you can host Kahoot! sessions with up to 2,000 participants, making it suitable for school-wide events, district-level competitions, or large-scale remote learning sessions.
  • Comprehensive Tools: The plan includes a suite of interactive teaching and assessment tools that empower educators to create engaging and informative Kahoot! sessions.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The ability to engage a larger audience means that students can enjoy a more collaborative and competitive learning environment.
  • Greater Control: Schools and districts get more control and visibility into Kahoot! usage, allowing for better management and reporting of learning outcomes.
  • Easy Rollout: The plan allows for an easy rollout of a site license across schools and districts, ensuring a seamless integration of Kahoot! into the learning process.

Choosing the Right Kahoot! Subscription Plan

When considering an upgrade, it’s important to assess the size of your audience and the frequency of your Kahoot! sessions.

The EDU Pro School & District plan is just one of the many options available, and Kahoot! offers personalized quotes to ensure that you get a plan that matches your specific needs.

In summary, upgrading your Kahoot! account to a plan like the EDU Pro School & District can significantly enhance the interactive learning experience by allowing for more participants, providing advanced tools, and ensuring greater control and engagement in educational settings.

Player limits in kahoot
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What are Some of the Alternative Strategies to Consider?

For users who need to host larger groups on Kahoot! but are looking for temporary solutions or cannot upgrade their accounts, there are several creative strategies to consider:

Hosting Multiple Sessions Concurrently

One way to circumvent the player limit is by hosting multiple Kahoot! sessions at the same time. This can be done by setting up separate devices or browser tabs, each running its own session.

This method allows you to divide a large group into smaller, manageable sessions, ensuring everyone gets to participate.

It’s particularly useful for events or classrooms where there are multiple facilitators available to manage each session.

Utilizing the Monthly Player Boost

Kahoot! offers a monthly player boost for certain subscription plans. This feature allows you to double your player limit for a single day once a month.

For example, if your current player limit is 50, you can boost it to host up to 100 players.

The boost is activated automatically, without the need to enable or schedule it, making it a convenient option for unexpected large groups or special events.

Account Type Adjustment

Another temporary solution is adjusting the account type.

For instance, Kahoot! has noted that while the player cap for free accounts is 10 players, the cap for education accounts (student/teacher) remains at 1,000.

Users can change their account type to a student or teacher account, depending on their needs, to host more players.

These strategies provide flexibility and can help maximize the number of participants in your Kahoot! sessions without a long-term commitment to a higher subscription tier.

However, it’s important to note that these are temporary measures and may not offer the full benefits of a paid subscription, such as advanced features and tools.


Changing the player limit in Kahoot! is a strategic move towards inclusivity and maximizing the potential of interactive learning.

By understanding the importance of player limits and exploring ways to expand them, you can create a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Whether you’re a teacher aiming to reach every student or a business leader looking to involve your entire team, embracing the full potential of Kahoot! can lead to transformative experiences for all involved.



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